Mike Fish Ceramics

Bespoke studio pottery

Individually wheel-thrown creations, glazed in my studio. Each piece is unique or part of a limited set. Please use the contact section below to place orders or ask questions

Cup Candles

£6.50 each or 4 for £24

Approx. 8cm wide, 5cm tall

Refills available

Soy Wax with Essential Oils

Soy wax candles with wooden wicks are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional candles. They have a long, slow burn with a delightful audible crackle

Scents available:

Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Sweet Orange, Lemongrass, Peppermint

Cosy Fireplace, Mulled Wine, Festive Holiday, Winter Spices



Three layered glazes have been brushed onto this vase, contrasting with the warm, baked clay exposed at its base

£24   -   11cm wide, 11cm tall


A striking combination of pale blue-green exterior and vibrant, molten bronze glaze on the interior, creating an almost geological appearance

£18   -   12cm wide, 6cm tall


The bronze glaze drips in a scale-like fashion, whilst the interior hides a vibrant turqouise

£22   -   9cm wide, 13cm tall


Dramatic rivulets in tones of amber and bronze cross the interior, whilst the outside is solid yet silky

£22   -   12cm wide, 7cm tall


A band of turquoise surrounds this glossy bronze vase

£26   -   10cm wide, 14cm tall


A deeply curved bowl with unctuous bronze tones. The smooth exterior contrasts with the more irregular surface of the interior

£20   -   13cm wide, 8cm tall

The Deeps

Organic, textured glazes in shades of blue and bronze. The interior glazes create an almost marbled effect and the exterior has a warm lustre

£24   -   14cm wide, 8cm tall


Diagonal bronze bands create four textured white triangles

£26   -   11cm wide, 11cm tall


This wide cup has a glossy white interior and rim, contrasting with more organic bronze textures on the outside

£22   -   13cm wide, 6cm tall


Tea Crazed

The crazing on this tall vase has been darkened using tea

£22   -   20cm wide, 10cm tall

Crackle Bud

A small single stem vase

£15   -   7cm wide, 13cm tall

Crackle Neck

A larger vase with ink-stained crackle glaze

£30   -   18cm wide, 28cm tall

Floating Blues

Blue Haze

An elegant and uniquely textured vase

£23   -   10cm wide, 20cm tall

Into the Blue

Planter with vertically cut alterations

£18   -   16cm wide, 13cm tall

Blue Bud

A compact stem or incense stick vase

£12   -   7cm wide, 10cm tall


A wide planter

£18   -   18cm wide, 9cm tall


Internally glazed bowl

£15   -   12cm wide, 8cm tall


A white-bodied textured bowl

£18   -   22cm wide, 6cm tall

Oil Burners

Wheel thrown and carved, each burner is subtly different

£18   -   9cm wide, 9cm tall

One Offs

Earth Flow

Dripping textures of natural blues and greens

£24   -   17cm wide, 8cm tall


Glazed in dark, rich layers of high-gloss purples, blues and reds

£30   -   14cm wide, 13cm tall


Serene and flowing blues and greens

£15   -   9cm wide, 11cm tall

Summer Meadow

Round vase with crystalline glaze

£20   -   10cm wide, 7cm tall

Pebble Stack

Thrown in two pieces then attached before being glazed

£16   -   9cm wide, 18cm tall


A small bowl with speckled grey glaze on the inside

£12   -   12cm wide, 6cm tall

Hot Pot

An extrovert plant pot

£15   -   14cm wide, 12cm tall

Cerulean Fondue

A fun bowl with a pedestal to make room for a tea light

£24   -   17cm wide, 11cm tall

Jupiter Bowl

Subtle shades and textures swirl

£20   -   23cm wide, 6cm tall

Soap Dishes

Lightly speckled soap dishes

£8   -   12cm wide